Saturday, September 25, 2010

What is Page Rank?

This post, will explain what is Google Page Rank and how exactly it is calculated.

Google Page Rank is simply Google's way of displaying how important a webpage is. Google assumes that when 1 webpage links to another webpage,it's actually "casting a vote" for the webpage. The more votes you have for your webpage, the more important your webpage will be. Page Rank was actually defined by Larry Page and hence it is named after him.

Google also takes into account the importance of other website's pages linking to your own web page. If many web pages link to the website's web page linking to you (i.e. They have a lot of "votes") then their vote will be of more importance and will increase your Page Rank more.

Note: In a website, there can be different webpages and each and every webpage can have different Page Rank's. Actually, there are many misconceptions like does all the webpages in a website have the same Page Rank?

How to know Page Rank of a web page?
To check the Page Rank of a website, you will need to have Google Toolbar installed and then, it will show you the Page Rank of each and every web page. There are also other add-ons on different web browsers which shows the Page Rank. I usually use Mozilla add-on Quirk.

How is Page Rank Calculated?
Page Rank is a very small but confusing formula now lets have a look at it
Page Rank = 0.15 +(0.85 * (a share of PR of every webpage that links into it))

0.15 = The lowest PR a webpage could ever possibly have.
0.85 = A dampening factor... This is just the number that Google uses for their PR formula.
"share" = the PR of the page linking to you divided by the total number of links on that page.

Lets take an example to explain it more.

Example1: Say we've created our website and it has 3 pages in total. For sake of making the math easy,
we'll start each webpage with a page rank of 1. The naming convention of webpages is Page A, Page B, Page C for easy notation.

None of the pages link to each other. They're just pure content web pages with no links to any other pages within our website. Let's quickly calculate the PR of our pages by using the formula above.

Example 1

PR = 0.15+ (0.85*0) = 0.15

Because no web pages link to our pages, there is no "share of PR"... hence it is 0. So if we do the math, we come up with a PR of .15 for each of our pages.

Example 2: Now, let's see what happens if we link page A to page B.

Example 2

Using our formula, we get
Page A: 0.15 + (0.85*0) = 0.15
Page B: 0.15 + (0.85*(1/1)) = 1
Page C: 0.15 + (0.85*0) = 0.15
You can see that by just linking page A to page B, we've changed the PR of page B from 0.15 all the way up to 1. Big difference!

This is how generally Page Rank is calculated and this is an important factor in Google’s algorithm for ranking websites.

Basic Definitions Online Marketing

Impression: It is the number of times an Ad is displayed by a search engine or an Ad network or any other source.

The number of times an user has clicked on your Ad and went to the website.

CTR: Click through rate (CTR) is the number of times an Ad is clicked (Click) divided by the number of times the Ad is shown (Impression). 
Writing down as a formula, CTR = Clicks/Impressions and CTR% = (Clicks/Impressions)*100
It is considered as one of the important factors which determine the performance of the account in Internet Marketing. Higher the CTR, better the Ad & Keywords are performing.

Conversion: Any advertiser who will do marketing will have some goal to reach. It can be either Brand awareness, Lead generation, Sale of products etc… So when a goal of the advertiser is recorded, it is termed to be as a Conversion.

Types of Bidding:
There are different bidding options present in Internet Marketing let’s see what they are
CPC: Cost per click (CPC) is a form of bidding, in which an advertiser will be charged only when the Ad gets clicked by a user.
CPM: In CPM (Cost per thousand impressions), an advertiser will be charged for 1000 impressions delivered. This form of bidding is generally used in Display Networks.
CPA: CPA means Cost per acquisition and from the name itself, it’s clear that an advertiser will be paying only when a conversion is recorded.

Maximum CPC: It is the maximum amount an advertiser is willing to pay for a click. Most of the times the actual amount charged for a click can be different from Maximum CPC as different Search Engines will have different methodologies to set the CPC.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Internet Marketing or Online Marketing:

What is Internet Marketing?

Many people define it in many ways and this is my way of defining what Online Marketing is.
Any sort of marketing in which World wide web is used a medium can be termed as Online Marketing. Online Marketing includes Paid Search, PPC and SEO etc… Even though there are many types of traditional marketing present, Online Marketing is gaining more importance these days because of the reasons

1) Online Marketing is much cheaper when compared to other traditional types of marketing.

2) The more advantageous part in Online Marketing is that the users are searching for the product which an advertiser is trying to advertise and users are shown ads based on the queries they type in Search Engines. Explaining it further let’s take an example of print marketing, where a product is advertised on a newspaper which is viewed by a lot of people from different regions, but how many viewers are actually interested in the product is a very important factor. Online Marketing is highly targeted and in Online Marketing, there are many advanced options. One can target Demographically, Income wise, Regionally etc…

3) Also unlike other forms of marketing, in Internet Marketing each and every factor can be tracked. User behavior on website, Conversions or Leads, Clicks, Views and a lot many other factors can be tracked Online. This will help the advertisers in providing a fair idea of what steps to be taken to run the campaigns successfully.

Although, there are different types of Traditional Marketing present and which are running successfully across the Globe. Online Marketing is gaining more important these days as the next generation is Internet. Many people are using websites for buying and selling products these days and this shows how important Internet Marketing is these days.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Small Description and 1st Post

Its already been 1 long year since I have joined Ecselis a digital marketing agency from Havas Group located in Hyderabad and yet I don't have a blog with talks about Search Marketing. As suggested by my Lead that creating a blog will not even help me but will also help my colleagues and others for Knowledge sharing, Live Practicing SEO etc. I took up the responsibility of creating this blog and will try my best to make a successful attempt towards what I am meant to.

In this blog you will find Definitions, Notes, Tips and Guidelines etc.. on PPC(mostly Adwords) and SEO.
So wish me luck guys.