Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Internet Marketing or Online Marketing:

What is Internet Marketing?

Many people define it in many ways and this is my way of defining what Online Marketing is.
Any sort of marketing in which World wide web is used a medium can be termed as Online Marketing. Online Marketing includes Paid Search, PPC and SEO etc… Even though there are many types of traditional marketing present, Online Marketing is gaining more importance these days because of the reasons

1) Online Marketing is much cheaper when compared to other traditional types of marketing.

2) The more advantageous part in Online Marketing is that the users are searching for the product which an advertiser is trying to advertise and users are shown ads based on the queries they type in Search Engines. Explaining it further let’s take an example of print marketing, where a product is advertised on a newspaper which is viewed by a lot of people from different regions, but how many viewers are actually interested in the product is a very important factor. Online Marketing is highly targeted and in Online Marketing, there are many advanced options. One can target Demographically, Income wise, Regionally etc…

3) Also unlike other forms of marketing, in Internet Marketing each and every factor can be tracked. User behavior on website, Conversions or Leads, Clicks, Views and a lot many other factors can be tracked Online. This will help the advertisers in providing a fair idea of what steps to be taken to run the campaigns successfully.

Although, there are different types of Traditional Marketing present and which are running successfully across the Globe. Online Marketing is gaining more important these days as the next generation is Internet. Many people are using websites for buying and selling products these days and this shows how important Internet Marketing is these days.

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